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Coping With Demand: 501 Certification Assignment Registration Update

Posted 2012-01-03

Quick post to share the good news. As many people will undoubtedly know, the registration window for the Advanced Developer Certification Assignment opened at the end of last month and filled up within a matter of hours. Obviously this is disappointing for those unable to obtain a place as they've have already invested in the Certification process by taking the multiple-choice exam. I'm pleased to report that Salesforce's Nina Marinova has just posted on LinkedIn to say that the next registration will open this month:

Due to high demand, we will open registration for the next programming assignment window on January 30th, 2012. Candidates who have successfully completed the Advanced Developer multiple- choice exam and are current on their Developer Winter ’12 release exam will be invited to register for the assignment window at that time.

Assignments will be distributed in May 2012, and participating candidates will be given a month to submit their solutions. Candidates should plan to allocate a minimum of 20 hours to complete the assignment. Additional information will be available when we open registration.

This is great news as many people raised concern when the places available filled so quickly—especially difficult if you live in a different time zone to the eastern coast of the US. So mark the date in your diaries, people, or better yet set a reminder for yourself in your org!