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Easier to Spot Debug Output in Apex

Posted 2010-03-24

I often find that the standard:


in Apex can be difficult to spot in the logs. To make it easier just have a function that takes a string and shoves a few new lines around it automagically:

public void EasyDebug(string strOut)
    System.Debug('\n\n\n' + strOut + '\n\n\n');

It just saves you the hassle of writing \n all the time which does my nut when I change between keyboards (laptop & MS natural keybuck) as I forever hit the wrong keys, and you can always spice it up with a row of *****'s or something for that extra pop factor. Of course, you'll realise that this only takes a string, so what if you want to debug any time of object? Just use ''+ to convert it using the same routines System.Debug() uses:

list<string> liStrings = new list<string>{'hello,', 'world!'};
EasyDebug('' + liStrings);