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Easy Handling of Static Resources with MavesMate

Posted 2014-07-25

I've been using MavensMate exclusively (ok, minus the odd developer console usage) for the development of all our products at S. P. Keasey and Proximity Insight and I can't recommend it highly enough; if you listen to Code Coverage it's obvious how much the community loves it too.

Resource Bundles FTW

Personally I find many aspects of MavensMate to offer productivity bonuses, the most obvious one being that your UI doesn't get locked out while saving code to the ~server~ cloud, and deployments with stored deployment targets are a dream. Somehow, despite doing a lot of Visualforce work with Javascript and friends I'd totally missed out on resource bundles which have been available for a good 18 months now. Essentially a resource bundle is a group of files which are contained in a zipped static resource.

As a developer working on CSS and Javascript you've probably endured the pain of constantly zipping up resources and uploading them through the Salesforce UI, and you've probably thought that there must be a better way. Well there is, and resource bundles are it. Now you can be editing a CSS file and with a quick keyboard shortcut have it zipped up with it's associated files and dropped onto the server in the blink of an eye. It's bliss.

Joe Ferraro (aka. Mr. MavensMate and the Saviour of Developers everywhere) provided an excellent YouTube video of how they work so I'm not going to explain them here again, I just wanted to draw attention to them for anybody who may have missed them as I did.

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