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Five Oh One Part One: The Advanced Developer Certification Exam

Posted: 2011-12-14

A few hours ago I sat down to take the first part of the Salesforce Advanced Developer Certification, that part being a multiple choice test in a similar style to those used for the Certified Administrator and Certified Developer tests — and here are a few of my thoughts pertaining to it.

Long story short: If you're an experience developer who's been working on the platform for a while and you have the Developer Certification under your belt, chances are you won't struggle here.

I'd still like feedback on what I got right and what I got wrong, though I have heard that you do get this upon completion of the full 501 course; in each of the exams I've sat so far there have been a couple of questions where I'd really like to know if I got them right. Next up is the assignment portion of the certification, and I can't wait to get stuck in!

For more help on getting your head around what's involved, Steven Herod has just posted a blog article (only ten minutes ago) which details exercises you can do to put into practice much of the knowledge you'll need for the 501.