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Humbled, Honoured, and Slightly Perplexed

Posted 2012-11-09

A week ago I received an email that I was definitely not expecting, and it put a huge grin on my face which only grew when I commented on it and received this response:

@laceysnr SURPRISE!!!
— ericakuhl (@ericakuhl) November 1, 2012

The email was a welcoming and congratulatory email to say that I've been made a member of the MVP Program; in all honesty I'm still on a high and I'm sure that the others in the Winter '13 class share that feeling.

Humbled & Honoured

I'm still not entirely sure how I deserve such an accolade, especially when I consider the list of the other new and existing MVPs who do so much to help the community. I can't call them all out individually or else I'd still be writing this post tomorrow, but any regular readers will be well aware of my respect for Mike Gerholdt, and if you're a developer I'd definitely hope that you're aware of both Kier Bowden, a.k.a. Bob Buzzard and the boundlessly enthusiastic Jeff Douglas.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a good number of the existing MVPs whilst at Dreamforce this year, including Shell Black, an incredibly nice guy also in the Winter '13 class (and who wrote up his thoughts a few days ago) and Nuck Hamm, who threw a curveball my way in a Q&A session and is the genius behind the seemingly omniscient Something I find particularly exciting is that I'm now connected to all of these people via the ever-present Chatter, and that's one incredibly knowledgeable network where advice and help can be sought.

I'd hazard a guess that one of reasons I've been made an MVP is through my drive to get the Salesforce StackExchange site up and running, which itself is already proving to be the resource I hoped it could be. The site is currently averaging just shy of 12 questions a day, totalling 996 questions at the time of writing, of which 95% have an associated, accepted answer - good going for 100 days! It's still showing a strong developer bias, so please encourage any administrators and power users you know to get on board, and help drive the site onwards, out of the beta phase. Thank you to all those who have helped grow the site, and shared your knowledge with the rest of us.

The year ahead is promising to be a big one, and I hope to do all that I can to participate in, and contribute to, the amazing community that has built up around Salesforce and the platform.

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