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Introduction to Visualforce on Pluralsight

Posted 2020-05-27

Back in 2013, I published "Introduction to Visualforce" on Pluralsight in the early days of them building up their Salesforce related content. It covers a range from the basics of building a page and how to use basic markup tags, through to using Standard Set Controllers to build some pretty powerful pages, with pagination, static resources, custom styling, list filters, PDF generation and more.

Recently, Pluralsight reached out to me to see if I was interested in refreshing the course as it uses their older branding and slide format, and asked about what content would need to be updated. With the launch of two Lightning frameworks in that time, first Aura and then (the far, far, far superior) Lightning Web Components (LWC), Visualforce really hasn't received a lot of love over the years. Sure there are new features and functions available, but it's nothing that you couldn't pick up from the documentation if you understand the fundamentals. I explained this, and the resulting decision is to retire the Visualforce course and remove it from their PD1 content, a decision that wasn't mine but I do stand by it. Visualforce does still have it's uses, and there's still plenty of legacy code out there, but for the most part, if you're creating a UI for Salesforce these days, you should be using LWC, despite the far steeper learning curve for new developers.

All that said, the course is still available if you have a direct link to it, hence this post! So, if you're looking for a Visualforce course, the details for this one are:

Description: Starting from the very basics this course leads the viewer through the process of building advanced custom pages for their org. Extensively covering standard controller functionality this contains must-know information for those who want to get the most out of the platform, building reliable pages quickly.

Duration: 2h 32m