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SFSE Moderator Election - Put Yourself Forward!

Posted 2019-03-20

On the Salesforce Stack Exchange, a lot of moderation is performed directly by the community, indeed, that's the entire point of the model and it's what gives the Stack Exchange network it's power. There community-elected moderators though, and it's our job to deal with flags raised by other users, and try and sort out the messier side of things when users create multiple accounts etc.: thankfully there isn't a lot of that going on within our network.

Samuel De Rycke was elected along side myself and Pat Patterson back in 2014, and has a been a great help in maintaining the site. He recently decided to step down from this position and I'd like to publicly thank him for his help over the years.

Who's Next?

As I already indicated, moderators are elected by the communities who use these sites, but to have an election there must be candidates, and to be a candidate, you must nominate yourself.

So, to read more about the election and put yourself into the mix, read the theory of moderation, visit the Moderator Election Page and click the link at the bottom to submit your nomination.