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Take Me Home -or- How to Make Home and End Work in Eclipse on the Mac

Posted 2010-04-21

I do all of my Salesforce Apex development using Eclipse on a Mac. This is fine except for the Home and End keys on the external keyboard that I use - yes I know there are short cuts on the Mac to move to the end of the line, select to the end of the line etc. but that doesn't stop me from hitting either Home or End from time to time, the result being instant profanity as the screen jumps to the top or bottom of the current file.

I couldn't find a solution for a while but finally today I ran across a blog called Rob@Rojotek which has the solution right here. I would post the solution here directly but I don't believe in stealing other people's ideas and/or content, however what I will put here is a quote from the post which I found most amusing and very true:

"After doing this, expect your anger at eclipse on Mac to decrease to much more manageable levels."

My anger levels have dropped already.