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What Do I Do at Proximity Insight?

Posted 2016-10-21

Dreamforce '16 was an interesting one for me: on the one hand there were more than a few people that I didn't get to catch up with that I wanted to, but on the other I got to meet quite a few people I'd not met face to face before. Such people including Salesforce Stack Exchange regulars Brian Fear, Adrian Larson and Robert Sösemann. Something that struck me in particular was that a lot of these meetings happened while we had a booth in the Startup Valley on the Thursday afternoon, so people would see the company name and then inevitably ask...

What Do You Actually Do?

This was a question I got asked a lot. The majority of my online contributions to the community (i.e. this blog and my Twitter rants/ramblings etc.) are around development, but I don't often mention what we do at Proximity Insight.

While in the Startup Valley, one of my co-founders, Kris Moyse (@MoysieK) was interviewed by Mark Goldstein of Bad Ass Advisors and I think he did an excellent job of explaining what it is we do. So rather than writing it all out here, I'll let you listen to Kris explain it instead.

Sometime I'll get around to writing about the architecture of our application and covering it in more detail from a developer perspective!