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When Chatter Desktop Goes Bad - Blank Window. AKA. More Chatter Hackery

Posted 2011-04-21

Once again the Chatter desktop client (on my Mac) decided it wouldn't like to work properly; unlike before when it was managing to display a 100% transparent window this time it actually displayed a window but with the minor inconvenience of that window having no content whatsoever. Useful eh?

Thinking along the lines of the last fix, I once again delved into the desktop-app.xml file contained within the Chatter application bundle.

On my machine the file is located in this directory (easily accessible from Terminal, in Finder you need to right click on the bundle file and choose to show the contents):


The fix is again simple, locate this line:


Remove the comment and set the value to true:


Save the file, relaunch Chatter and you should be golden.