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Visualforce Fun: Two Handy Tips

I've been doing a fair bit of Visualforce work recently and have been trying to leverage standard controllers as much as possible. To that end I came up with a neat way of

A StandardSetController Gotcha

Recently I've developed something of a penchant for using standard set controllers and dynamic Visualforce binding to make life easier, and most of the time it does just that. I did, however, hit

Playing With Primitives

A large part of being a software developer is knowing the ins and outs of the platform that you're working with, including it it's quirks, it's APIs and the languages available to you;

Checkboxes and Columns, Line 'em Up

Oftentimes when you've been working on a specific platform for a while, you will fall into the trap of thinking that it'll do what you expect every time; mostly because you've learned the

Where'd My Value Go? Or: What the.....

I've just spent a few hours baffled, before the holiday break I could create events against a particular person account (setting the Related To field) without issue; today, every time I saved the